Horses have been our steadfast companions for centuries, forming bonds with humans that transcend language barriers. But have you ever wondered how these majestic creatures perceive us, their human counterparts? In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of equine vision and behavior to answer some common questions: How does a horse see you? Do horses see humans as predators? And do horses perceive us as bigger than we really are?

How Does a Horse See You?

To understand how horses see their owners, we first need to explore the equine visual system. Horses are prey animals, and their vision has evolved to help them detect potential threats. Here’s a glimpse into how horses perceive humans:

Limited Color Vision: Horses primarily see the world in shades of blue and green, and they have difficulty distinguishing between red and green. So, when your vibrant red shirt stands out to you, your horse may perceive it as a different shade of green or blue.

Wide Field of View: Horses have impressive peripheral vision, with nearly 350 degrees of panoramic sight. This enables them to spot predators from various angles without having to turn their heads. However, their binocular vision (overlapping sight) is limited to a small area directly in front of their nose.

Depth Perception: Due to their wide-set eyes, horses have limited depth perception compared to humans. They may not judge distances accurately, which is important to consider when approaching obstacles or unfamiliar terrain.

Do Horses See Humans as Predators?

Horses, as prey animals, have a natural instinct to be cautious around potential threats. While they don’t see humans as predators in the same way they perceive wolves or mountain lions, they do react to our body language and behavior. Horses are incredibly perceptive and can pick up on subtle cues, such as your posture, tone of voice, and movements.

To establish trust and a positive relationship with your horse, it’s essential to approach them calmly and predictably. Avoid sudden, threatening gestures or loud noises that may trigger their flight response. Instead, adopt a gentle and patient demeanor, allowing your horse to see you as a source of comfort and safety.

Do Horses See You as Bigger?

Horses do perceive humans as larger than themselves. Their wide-set eyes, combined with their tendency to focus on the whole picture rather than details, may make them see you as a bigger entity. This perception can influence their level of trust and comfort around you.

However, it’s important to note that a horse’s perception of size isn’t just about physical dimensions. Your behavior and the way you interact with them play a significant role in their perception of your size. A confident and respectful handler can make a horse feel secure, even if they appear larger.


Understanding how horses see their owners provides valuable insights into building trust, rapport, and effective communication with these magnificent animals. While horses may not see us as predators, they do assess our intentions and emotions through their keen perception. By approaching them with patience, respect, and a calm demeanor, you can foster a deep bond with your equine companion, allowing them to see you as a trusted partner in their world.