Bayer Animal Health     D - Quickbayt Fly Bait

Bayer Animal Health D - Quickbayt Fly Bait

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  • For control of nuisance flies in and around livestock areas
  • Fast acting ready-to-use as scatter bait paint-on or in bait stations
  • Can be mixed into a paint-on solution to apply with brushes where flies rest
  • Use 3 pounds of fly bait to one quart of water. Allow to set 15 minutes before use
  • There should not be other living things around during application
  • Contains bitrex bittering agent

  • UPC : 724089986283
    Size : .77 POUND
    Length : 2.75
    Width : 4.13
    Height : 6.88
    Product Type : Pest Premise-flys And Insects / Fly Baits
    Shipping Dimensions: 2.75x4.13x6.88