Durvet Fly             D - Dairy Bomb-55 Fogger

Durvet Fly D - Dairy Bomb-55 Fogger

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  • For use on cattle horses swine chickens and other livestock as well as premises
  • Indicated for the control of flying and crawling insects in homes dairies horse barns cattle operations etc.
  • Kills and repels premium formulation - dymel 152a - not water or oil based
  • Natural pyrethrins formula provides quick knockdown and killing power
  • Dual activators (synergists) - lessen insects ability to resist active ingredient
  • Provides even fog and ideal particle suspension throughout the life of the aerosol

  • UPC : 745801333031
    Size : 25 OUNCE
    Length : 2.44
    Width : 2.44
    Height : 12.31
    Product Type : Pest Premise-flys And Insects / Farm & Yard Fog/spray
    Shipping Dimensions: 2.44x2.44x12.31

    This restricted item cannot be shipped to the following states : CT LA ME MS NJ