Durvet Inc              D - Britetap Chicken Waterer

Durvet Inc D - Britetap Chicken Waterer

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  • Completely shields your flock's water from dirt and droppings so the water stays sparking clean and hygienic.
  • No poop-filled pans of water to touch or wash out.
  • Fully covered.
  • Can be attached to a wide variety of plastic containers that act as the water supply tank.
  • Chickens drink from chicken nipples (special valves) on the bottom of the britetap waterer.

  • UPC : 858728004004
    Color : RED
    Length : 4.3
    Width : 7.5
    Height : 3.3
    Product Type : Barn & Stable Supplies-watering Equipment / Poultry Watering & Parts
    Shipping Dimensions: 4.3x7.5x3.3