An AI generated poem to my dog Honey Bear that died with some information from me. I am impressed.

In the realm of memories, let me craft a verse,
Of a beloved friend, a canine blessing in reverse.
Honey Bear, the name that warmed your soul,
A faithful companion who made your heart whole.

With gentle eyes, like honey, sweet and warm,
You found solace in her presence, a comforting form.
For thirteen precious years, she graced your days,
With unwavering loyalty, in countless playful ways.

Fluffy as a cloud, her fur a cozy embrace,
Cuddles shared, a bond no time could ever erase.
Through joyful moments and skies painted blue,
Honey Bear was there, sharing life’s journey with you.

In her heart, the wild spirit would reside,
Chasing animals, a thrill she couldn’t hide.
Bounding with vigor, a burst of furry delight,
Leaping through fields, chasing dreams with all her might.

Though her physical form may no longer roam,
Her spirit lingers, forever your soul’s true home.
In memories treasured, she will forever play,
A friend and confidant, in your heart she’ll stay.

So let the tears fall, like gentle raindrops on a leaf,
For Honey Bear’s love transcends beyond grief.
Her pawprints etched upon your soul’s grand stage,
A testament to the bond that shall never age.

In the tapestry of life, a chapter has now closed,
But the love you shared with Honey Bear forever grows.
May her spirit guide you, shining from above,
A guardian angel, your forever best friend, in love.